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About Baseball in General

Baseball is a game that sees 18 players taking turns at pitching and batting the ball to try and advance across four bases and score a run and therefore get the point for their team. The run represents the successful advancement over the four plates and to the home plate. A defending team’s pitcher will try and get the hitters out of the game by preventing them from hitting the ball with excellent throws. Hitter will try and hit the ball out of the field and score a home run, or they can hit shots to allow his team to advance across the bases in several places.

Why You Should Play Baseball

Baseball is one of the most respected and a played game in the USA and the American baseball league hosts some of the best games and players in the world. Teams from the USA and Canada play together in two American leagues, National and American. The high level of baseball in the USA isn’t the reason to pick up this sport. The primary reason for playing this game is that it is fun and it doesn’t require superior physical abilities. You can also play baseball with a smaller number of people in fields that aren’t as big as those on stadiums.

Baseball Equipment

The bat is central and the most important piece of equipment in baseball. You will find both wood and aluminum bats in amateur games. Aluminum bats aren’t suited for high-tier games as they can flex and bend due to the strength of the pitch. They aren’t allowed in professional matches.


Batter and Catcher wear helmets that are specially designed to prevent injuries from the throw. The helmet of the batter has only one protection for ear, depending which side of the face is turned toward the pitcher. Catcher sports full helmet that protects their whole head because they stand in front of the pitch.

Specialized gloves that baseball players use are created in such a way to allow easier ball is catching. They are made from leather, and the open webbed pocket is there to grab the ball safely, no matter the speed of the pitch or a hit. Some players (like catcher) have different leather gloves that suit their role.

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Big George Brett said that there is nothing in the world as exciting as the beginning of the new season. He started playing baseball when he had only seven years, and he ended the career with forty and as he said every new season is a whole new experience.

George Brett

Commented on his reactions to bad games and how other people see it. He said that people don’t realize how big of an impact a bad game has on him. His words explain that bad game stays in the head a much longer than a match where he got average or over average results.

Brady Anderson

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